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Distorted Truths & Pretty Lies Ebook.jpg

There are two things you should know about Nolan Pierce. One, she is the only daughter of William Pierce, the most powerful lawyer on the East Coast. And two…she’s a liar.


Nolan is tired of pretending to be the perfect daughter. The truth is, she was never very good at being good. She loves breaking the rules—living on the edge of danger.


But she just bit off more than she can chew. And not even dear ole dad can save her now.


There are two things you need to know about Kaius King. One, he’s the head of a criminal empire. And two…he gets what he wants. No matter the cost.


Kaius is intrigued by the rumor of a southern belle using his name, and by extension his power, to gain credibility. Even more so when he learns it’s his lawyer’s daughter.


But what starts out as a simple game of cat and mouse quickly becomes much more. And this time, his prey has one thing he doesn’t… nothing to lose.


As Kaius and Nolan collide, it’s a battle of wills the East Coast hasn’t seen before. Only time will tell if their union will end in salvation or ruin.

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